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One & Only Water and Theme Park
in the entire East Africa.

Theme park consists of over 25 different exhilarating experience of swings,
flights and rides for all age groups.

FUNCITY is unique by virtue of its lush green landscape and vast area which can accommodate more than 10,000 people at a time.

With largest wave pool in Tanzania, several pools, tens of slides and rain dance showers make its water park a place of stirring experience and fun.

Theme Park

Water Park

Green Gardens

Food Court

FUNCITY offers a variety of menus to satisfy the craving of all food lovers. We have a full-range of all types of food menu from barbeque to continental, Swahili menu and fast food.
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A perfect Family venue for a day full of fun and entertainment

Chill-up your spine; Come to Funcity.
Just a few km away from the town–a mere an hour drive to the heart of kigamboni; Funcity’s mind-blowing experience and fun is unique yet unexplored by many. A rendezvous of enthusiasm and tranquillity in the midst of serene mountainous yet lush green terrain of

Funcity; a perfect place for a family or friends’ day out.
From scary Roller-coasters to mind-blowing Log flume, exciting Ferris wheel to unique experience of 12 D Theatre, hip-hop carousel to twisty caterpillar ride; spiral and straight water slides to a high tides of largest wave pool, Funcity has lot more with nice food court and green garden fountains to offer a uniquely thrilling experience for the entire family.

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    FUNCITY – Toangoma, Kigamboni – Dar-es-Salaam

    +255 712/785/772/759 786 000

    +255 712 786 000