Food Courts & Gardens

Our food court consists of a couple of food outlets which let you enjoy the food of your choice. The food can cater more than 500 people at a time or even more.

Green Tranquil Landscape

Parks with intriguing genera of flora around, are not only the pure and natural oxygen factory for your deep inhalation but also provide you picturesque views for your aesthetic satisfaction.

just a few km away from the town–a mere an hour drive; Funcity’s pulsating day full of fun is unique yet unfamiliar by many, even by the residents of Dar es salaam. However, the fun lovers recognized the resort as a more family-friendly destination than other places.

Unlike other fun spots in Dar es Salaam, Funcity is unique by virtue of its lush green landscape and vast area which can accommodate more than 10,000 people at a time.

The green and serene sitting areas are full of environmental beauty, clean and healthy ambiance surrounded by the dense and cool shelter of old forestry containing age-old trees are essential ecosystems for life, giving relaxation to your body and soul.

Funcity offers a variety of menus to satisfy the craving of all food lovers.
Hilltop is a full service restaurant that serves scrumptious fast food, coffee and tea of various tastes and types.

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