Swings & Rides

FUNCITY amusement park is an enjoyable place for people of all ages, as it is a family park.  Everyone loves visiting it with friends and family.
FUNCITY water and theme park gives the guests a multiple variety of rides— from being completely soaked in water while on Log Flume to flying through the air in SuperJet at the same speed’s jets travel.  FUNCITY overall is a fascinating place.  The atmosphere created by all of the visitors is very lively.  Music can be heard in the background from different rides.  All different kinds of food’s smells are in the air which give a boost to the craving of delectable food.  Most of the visitors love to go to the water park first, so they can enjoy all the water rides, wave pool, rain showers and family slides first, and then air off on the Dragon Coaster, zyclone and log flume.  Dragon Coaster is generally the most favorite attraction because the joy of riding a Dragon Coaster never gets old.  No matter how many times one has been on the ride, it always brings forth new excitements and thrills. The adventure is always new, and the adrenaline rush keeps one going. Gokarts, 12-D theatre, Bungee jumping and Log flume are just a few to name here for their never-ending kind of amusement one can experience time and again.
Going on old rides always bring back great memories of by-gone visits with friends and family.

Thrill Rides

Log Flume
Bungee Jumping
Free Fall
Dragon Coaster
Go Kart
12D Theatre
Amusement Top Spin Tsunami
Bull Ride

Family Rides

Dragon Pirate
My Fair Lady
Swing Chairs
Bumper Cars
Break Dance
Ferris Wheel

Kids Rides

Flying Carousel
Sun & Moon
Jumping Frog
Merry Go Round
Bungee Jumping Kids
Santa Coach

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