Water Park

In any theme park, a water park is usually a center of fun and amusement. Funcity; due to its unique yet diverse set of attractions in the water park, has a lot of desirability for all age groups.
With the largest wave pool in Tanzania, Funcity attracts all the water fun lovers especially the young adults.
Children have their own play pool and multiple  water slides which enthral and provide the children the fun which they want should never last.

Multi-lane Harakari

This is a family slide consisting of four slides joined together; it enables a family or group to slide down together. The user slides down with a thin sliding mat along with the flowing water down the slide.

Rain Dance

The dancer’s favourite. Truly unique to Wild Waters, our Raindance Arena lets patrons dance to the beats of music while being cooled off through artificially-created rain.

Spiral Water Slides

Slide blindly, in total darkness with speed and bends to make this an exciting journey by landing into the pool. Definitely one of the peoples favourite!

Wave Pool

A spacious wave pool is worth experience and joy, with a variety of other amusements like multi slide, which provides picturesque view together with top fun and excitement, wave pool with its high tides and violent waves, enthralled the adults like swimming in ocean.

Kidz Pool

There are five water slides consisting of a smaller version of joined slides, round tube slides and open slides all dropped down in the kid’s pool from the smartly designed Castle House.

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