Ferris Wheel

Code: FC373
3 Min
48 Person
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Star Ride for any Park, ferris Wheel, which portrays as an icon for amusement park. Due to its large circumfrance, Ferries wheel, brings  you at a height of about 60 feet above the ground while in the same round
you come close to the ground to almost a touchable distance

Combo Simba Safari Tshs32,000 /day

Entry to Amusement Park

Entry to Water Park

Choise of Any One Main Meal

Choise of Any One Beverage

Free Use of Chargeable Rides (Roller Coaster / Log Flume / Zyclone and Strikeing Cars)

Save 4000/-

Regular Membership Plan Tshs100,000 /year

Unlimited Admission to FREE Amusement and Water Rides

Priority Entry throught Members entrance

Member enjoy 5% discount on food

Get 20% discount on Paid rides